Hello everyone. Just in case you're wondering (and that's just in case) I'm still alive; but college is absorbing 90% of my time. I hope that by summer vacation I will be able to write all of the articles. In any case, I still do what I can to come here every once in a while and do some tweaks here and there.

Like right now: although barely noticeable I made some changes to the wiki layout (mostly the colors), and (what I consider to be te most important) changed Sean's name to Xion. As to why I did this... because there are no official romanizations provided for the characters' names, I try to use the names that seem more appropiate to the context of the manga and a possible romanization. In the case of Xion, the japanese spelling for it is シオン (Shion), giving us several possibilities to use for the name. I discarded Shion, because it has a rather odd spelling compared to the rest of the characters (Sheila, Exa, Angelica... with the exception of Kagami and Okina Megumi, though). Some translators had used "Shawn", which I decided to change to "Sean"... however, given the context of the manga, I thought that the name Sean was too American; and seeing how "Xion" is a lot more used than "Sean" for the romanization of シオン, I decided to use the former as his name.

So, bottom line, I like Xion better, and thus changed his name to that. Keep in mind, however, that not because I think this spelling is more suitable, it means it's the correct one. So feel free to discuss this name change at Xion's discussion page if you disagree with me.

Enough talking for a day! See you guys around (or not).

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